In case anyone is wondering…

…if I’m still blogging…

and in case anyone is still reading Closely Observed, I am now blogging at Greens & Berries.

The Greens is about gardening, the Berries is about food and nutrition, and the Preserves is a lot like Closely Observed — stories, poems, photos, art, quotations, and other discoveries that bring me joy, insight and deeper connections to others and the natural world.

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What is it?

Who are the 350 messengers?

Read more in Bill McKibben’s compelling Orion article, When Words Fail.

It convinced me to get involved — TONIGHT. (I usually like to sleep on things — especially a commitment to yet another organization.)

Glowing at sunset

'Vanilla Berry' illuminated by the setting sun

Sunlight through sweet peas 1667
A botanical eclipse of the sun.

Enjoying the blossoms with eye and nose (this variety has a delicate scent) makes up for past years’ gardening failures and disappointments, and the never-ending challenge of adapting my dreams to a small balcony space.

Just one or two fresh blossoms each day — enough for me. Bonus: sunshine.

Two before breakfast

Actually, I think I shot about 22. I was supposed to be on the road to Mom’s place to work in her garden. Too many distractions. That paradoxically help me focus on the now. For which I am very grateful.
Nature. Spring. Gardens. Digital photography. My days could consist of nothing else. And I would be very happy.
Clematis montana_1380

Confession: There’s always a bit of hesitation before I click on “publish” because I know my photos are very amateur, taken with a point-and-shoot or “rinky-tink-tink” camera. But they are doing their job: opening my eyes to sensory experiences, subtle details and seasonal rhythms I’ve missed, even though I always thought I was a “nature-lover.” Please don’t be like I was up until a year ago — scared to use my digital camera — or even a few months ago — scared to move it from the “auto” setting. You’ve nothing to lose and worlds of wonder to discover, both inner and outer.

…Very distant neighbours’ front-yard gardens, 5 blocks south and 3 blocks west of my own home and garden. Gardens thoughtfully designed and carefully tended by neighbours I’ve never met and probably never will — but would like to live next door to.  Whoever you are, thank you for planting these particular flowers on the public-viewing side of the fence. They turned my inner frown (I’m ashamed to admit I spent most of today in _that_ kind of mood) upside down.

Blue-violet Anemone coronaria_1302

Yellow tulips_1306